Coconut Water & Coconut Juice: What’s the Difference?


Although people often use the terms “coconut water” and “coconut juice” in Australia interchangeably, they are in fact, the same thing. Coconut water is the liquid collected from young coconuts and has many health benefits for those who drink it. Studies are ongoing to determine just what it’s capable of, but it is well known that it is refreshing, hydrating, high in potassium, and low in fat, sugar, and calories. These properties make it an excellent substitute for both sport and soft drinks. And on top of all that, it’s delicious!

The key with choosing a coconut juice in Australia is the same as choosing coconut water. Look for one with no added sugar or preservatives, one that is organic and high quality, one from an established company that takes care of its customers and offers convenient online bulk purchasing at great prices. H2coco fills this criterion for the perfect coconut water. From the premium quality coconut water itself right down to the BPA-free packaging, H2coco has thought of everything and truly puts the customer first.

So when you see that a product is labeled as coconut juice in Australia, know that it is, in fact, coconut water, and H2coco Pure Coconut water is as healthy and pure as it gets. If you’re looking to buy our Pure Coconut Water, head over to our online store!

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