Where to Find Real Coconut Water in Australia


You know that the best place to get real coconut water in Australia is straight from a young coconut picked right off the tree, but chances are, you don’t have easy access to coconut trees – most of us don’t. So you want the next best thing: a conveniently packaged product with no added sugar or preservatives, one with all the health benefits of fresh coconut water with none of the hard work.

Is that so much to ask?

H2Coco doesn’t think so, and since 2011 they have made it their business to provide customers with premium, high-quality real coconut water in Australia. Understanding coconut water’s outstanding hydrating properties and numerous health benefits, H2Coco now bottles its Pure Coconut Water directly from the source and even packages it in eco-friendly, BPA-free Tetra Paks which keeps the product safe and fresh. H2Coco is the best place to find real coconut water in Australia. Their commitment to quality and health mean their products are always fresh and 100% natural with no added sugar or preservatives.

Coconut water can also be used in the kitchen for a tropical twist on smoothies, cocktails, and more. H2Coco’s products include three delicious flavours of coconut water (Pure, Pineapple, and Pomegranate & Acai) plus H2Coco Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. Coconut oil itself has impressive health benefits and versatility, so be sure to check it out while you’re ordering your coconut water. H2Coco sells these items in bulk at https://h2coconut.com/ for the ultimate in convenience and cost savings and ship anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.

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