Which Drinks Are Best for Hydration?


We all have heard about the importance of staying hydrated, but do we truly understand all the benefits?

Our entire body depends upon hydration to function at its best.

Hydration is how we maintain the temperature in our bodies, it is how we keep our joints lubricated, and it is how we help nutrients to travel to our cells.

Simply put, we need to stay hydrated in order to survive.

However, that doesn’t mean that plain water is the only drink that we can consume for the purpose of hydration.

The truth is, there are many delightful drinks that will hydrate our bodies while providing the flavour and enjoyment that we are looking for.

We will take a look at which drinks are hydrating, and which are the best choices for daily hydration.



Many people are surprised to hear that milk is excellent for hydration! Drinking milk not only provides essential vitamins and nutrients, but it also helps that body retain fluids for several hours. Milk is known to counter the effects of dehydration, making it one of the best beverages to consume in order to stay hydrated.

Hot or Iced Tea

Although tea is a diuretic, the effects of this are only mild, making it a wonderful choice for staying hydrated. When you drink a cup or two of tea, whether hot or iced, you won’t lose more fluid than you take in.

So, if you enjoy a cup of hot tea in the morning, or a refreshing cold tea during the afternoon, you can certainly rest assured that it is counting toward your daily water intake.

Fruit and Vegetable Juices

With a water content of 85% or higher, fruit and vegetable juices are an excellent way to hydrate the body! Since fruit juice has a high sugar content, it may be a good idea to dilute it with a few ounces of water before consuming it for maximum effect.

So when you are looking for a delicious drink other than water for the purpose of staying hydrated, consider reaching for cucumber juice, orange juice, lemon juice, or any other fruit or vegetable variety!


Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are great for keeping one hydrated, especially after a workout or other vigorous activity. These flavourful beverages will not only taste great, but they will also provide carbohydrates and lost electrolytes such as sodium, magnesium, and potassium.

When you sweat excessively, you put yourself at risk for dehydration. By consuming a sports drink, you quickly replace sugar lost through sweating, and blood glucose levels are increased. Although sports drinks are hydrating, they are not always the best choice for hydration on a daily basis.


Coconut Water

To keep the body hydrated, healthy, and functioning at its best, coconut water is one of the best beverages that you can choose!

With potassium, low calories, and electrolytes, drinking a cup or two of coconut water is excellent when it comes to hydration.

With a small amount of protein, this refreshing, lightly flavoured water provides the body with calcium and magnesium, so you can be sure you are getting a healthful drink as well as keeping yourself hydrated.

This low calorie, the nutrient-rich drink is delicious and healthy, providing a fantastic hydrating effect that everyone will benefit from.

Staying hydrated is vital.

Now, we can all know that plain water is not the only choice to drink throughout the day in order to replenish fluids and keep your body healthy.

Many drinks, such as coconut water, provide the nutrients and electrolytes that you need to replace lost fluids and function at your best.

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